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Paul wondered how they could be so gullible to think that they were already in the Day of the Lord when the Rapture had not even happened and the man of sin had not entered the Temple claiming to be God.

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Obviously then, it was not the Church that restrained the Antichrist because the Church was still around.

If they believed the Church was the restrainer they had nothing to worry about because they could just continue with their restraining. It was someone that Paul had already told them about.

The restrainer being the Spirit indwelt Church sounds good but it seems to fail the logic test among other things to me.

If Paul was talking about the Church, why would Paul call the Church a “he” when the Church is always feminine, being the bride of Christ?

Even after Nero was dead and gone some expected him to rise from the dead and fulfill the Antichrist role. Later on many in the Church believed that the Roman Papacy system was the Antichrist and the restrainer was civil government. Darby, the father of dispensationalism takes this position.

When the Catholic Church gained increasing control and headed the Holy Roman Empire they saw this as some progressive fulfillment of this passage. Darby’s view on this passage was that when the Holy Spirit indwelt Church left in the Rapture that the restraining influence would have been removed from the earth and the Lawless One would come.

Only then could the Son of Perdition be revealed with all lying signs and wonders from Satan.

And that is why Paul was admonishing them saying, “I told you these things and you know what restraineth“.

The people Paul was talking to were worried that they were already in the Day of the Lord.

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