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Just look at the classic Microsoft Windows Interface vs. It showed up by default when Windows 8 appeared, but was changed back quickly.

The first one is for "working", the other one for "clicking around on a tablet / smartphone".

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He explained that the river formed a new bed in May and in the first half of June, when the water level in the reservoir subsided.

"I believe that we should set up a permanent mission.

For my own opinion I would like to prefer using Classic.

Planet Romeo, because I am PC-User and not smartphone user and I am not using apps or something like that.

The Russian Geographic Society sources noted that the large burial mound in question, dating back to early Scythian times, had not been officially named yet.

Besides, according to Shoigu, the Russian Geographic Society would also create conditions for the systemic exploration of the area, which had become part of the flood zone during the construction of the Sayano-Shushenskoye Reservoir.

A bad case would be, if the previous website, now as, would be set out of service or something similar, and the new Planet Romeo would undergo development like wide away of user-friendly working.

Or in another way, why should something good being changed if it is good ?

I bet if Romeo really wanted to, they could have implemented a better chat in classic years ago.

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