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Wendy’s, “#Nuggs For Carter” and “Twitter Beef” Agency: VMLWendy’s showed dexterous social skill with two Twitter replies—one to a teen who wanted a year of free chicken nuggets if he could get enough retweets (Wendy’s challenged him to get 18 million, then went on to make a whole campaign around it); and one to Mc Donald’s about fresh versus frozen beef. Whether you call it Male Crimp, Mail Shrimp, Kale Limp, Fail Chips, Veil Hymn, Snail Primp, Jail Blimp, Whale Synth or Nail Champ, the result was the same—lots of attention for Mail Chimp itself. Graf found its new tagline for Emerald Nuts in an unlikely place—within the reviews section for the brand on Amazon.

Denny’s, “Overwhelming Existential Dread” Agency: EP Co The diner chain latched on to a popular meme—inviting people to zoom in on a photo, then sending them on a scavenger hunt around the image for more hidden messages—to produce this stellar tweet, of which Nihilist Arby’s would have been proud. Netflix, “A Day in the Life of Frank Underwood” Agency: In-house The fictional and real worlds merged delightfully in this campaign, in which Netflix got Pete Souza, Obama’s photographer, to shoot “candid” pics of House of Cards POTUS Frank Underwood at locations around Washington. And it turned out to be the most absurdly and amusingly simple line imaginable: “Yes good.” Geico, “Crushed” Agency: The Martin Agency The Martin Agency continued its inspired pre-roll work for Geico with another comical premise—ads that were condensed for your viewing convenience.

We’ve made it through the first six months of 2017 more or less intact, so it’s time to look back at some of our favorite advertising produced over that time.

See below for some of the most clever, beautiful, interesting and entertaining TV, video, print, outdoor, digital and social ads from the year so far.

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Meaning they actually got crushed by a giant Geico logo.

The digital work was so fun, it even ended up running on broadcast TV.

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The New York Times, “The Truth Is Hard to Find” Agency: Droga5In a year of mighty political upheaval, the Times used a remarkable series of ads to urge consumers to value, and pay for, the truth that journalism uncovers.

The most viscerally compelling were the Darren Aronofsky spots with Times photojournalists narrating harrowing true stories, punctuated by their cameras’ shutter sounds. ” Agency: Droga5This Droga5 campaign, which won a Cyber Grand Prix at Cannes, had fun with the brand’s name across all sorts of online (and offline) stunts and activations, including enjoyable loony films.

Ikea, “How to Identify an Original Ikea Frakta Bag” Agency: Acne French fashion house Balenciaga created a fancy leather bag, retailing for ,145, that looked strikingly like Ikea’s famous 99-cent blue tote.

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