Best dating sites in egypt

Yalahwy If you are in the wrong place at the wrong time, Yalahwy has got you covered.Yalahwy is a new Egyptian app that notifies your Facebook friends if anything goes wrong when you're out and about, freeing you up to try an argue your way out of the problem, while your friends mobilise to come to your defense.

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Cairo360 Want to watch a movie or try a new restaurant without wasting the money or getting sick?

Then we recommend Cairo 360 your ultimate review guide which will give you an idea if that unfamiliar restaurant is worth trying or affordable.

Looking to make finding that contact easier is Kablao!

, which conveniently places all your contacts social media handles in one place, allowing to you contact them quicker and put them in touch with other contacts at a swipe of a touch screen.

Before making that reservation download this app and find out how much you save.

We assume the reasons online prices are cheaper is because of the endless travel providers online competing to offer the absolute cheapest price.Changing with the times Bey2ollak have expanded beyond traffic and will inform its users of location where bombs have been discovered or have detonated, giving you not only the opportunity to skip the traffic, but also to remain all in one piece.Data Man No matter who your provider is, data packages for your smartphone are expensive, and not being careful of not exceeding data allotted can burn a massive hole in your wallet.Whats App Want to stay in touch with friends without having to pay for each and every text you send?Then download Whatsapp, one of the most used apps in the world that keep you in touch, also allowing you to share photos and video messages with friends and family.How will you make sure that your prayers are received if you have no idea what direction to pray in?

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