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You may request to add more eligible loans to a new Direct Consolidation Loan within 180 days of the consolidation being made (disbursed).

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Having more accounts is not automatically a negative factor in your credit history.

For such installment loans, the important factors are how much total debt you owe and, of course, most importantly if you have missed any payments. It can be helpful if you have education debt from multiple lenders or student loan guaranty companies.

Before completing a consolidation application, carefully consider the following information to determine whether loan consolidation is the best option for you.

If you decide to submit a consolidation request, please continue to make payments until you receive notification that the consolidation has been completed.

Living expenses like housing, car payments, and relocation costs can be overwhelming when student loan bills are added on top of your existing financial obligations.

Student loan consolidation or refinancing can help you manage your budget.

That can help you meet your other financial obligations.

The trade off is that because you repay the debt over a much longer period, it will cost you more over time to repay, even at a lower interest rate.

You'll save the frustration of dealing with multiple lenders and reduce the risk of missing a payment because refinancing combines your loans into a single loan, with a single bill.

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