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The room will be slightly darkened and a screen will be beside the bed.Clear gel will be put on your skin over the area being examined.

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Please read your appointment letter very carefully, it will give you full instructions on how to prepare for the scan.

The Ultrasound departments across the trust are all very busy and work on an appointment system only.

Ultrasound is a very safe technique and can be used to examine adults, children and babies.

If you are given a request form for an ultrsound scan you will need to make an appointment.

If the area to be examined is underneath your clothing you may be asked to to remove some clothing and given a hospital gown.

Ultrasound is quite painless but the sonographer will have to press sometimes quite hard on your tummy to see the baby clearly. We can not always tell the sex but if you wish to know please ask. Yes we do allow husbands/partners/ other children to come in for the obstetric scans ONLY , but please understand the sonographer needs to concentrate during the examination.

You may therefore be asked to drink 1 – 1 1/2 pints of fluid i.e. If you are having your gall-bladder or pancreas investigated you will be instructed to stop eating or drinking 6 hours before the test.

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