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The Psalms are at the heart the Liturgy of the Hours -- the prayers that have been prayed by priests, deacons, monks and nuns throughout the day, every day, from the 5th century up to this day, on behalf of the rest of us. In Medieval times, those who wished to participate in this deeply respected form of devotion, but who could not read the Book of Psalms, substituted 150 repetitions of the prayers.

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The mysteries of the Rosary call to mind the events of Christ's life -- the Joyful mysteries recall his incarnation, the Sorrowful mysteries recall his suffering and death, the Glorious mysteries recall his resurrection.

In 2002, Pope John Paul II introduced five new meditations -- the Luminous Mysteries, or Mysteries of Light.

The banks are necessary to give direction and to keep the river flowing. So in prayer it is the inclination of the heart to God which alone matters. As the river moves into the sea, the banks drop away.

The words are..framework in which the prayer is held. So, too, as we move into the deeper sense of God's presence the words fall away and..shall be left in silence in the ocean of God's love." A handful of stones, a knotted woolen cord, a notched monastic staff, a string of beads...

These recall Christ's public ministry between his Baptism and his Passion.

The word "rosary" is derived from the Latin word meaning "rose garden." According to legend, once robbers spied a young monk passing along a road.

But the robbers saw it all and, having seen it, they repented of their lives of crime...

The lovely concept of the Rosary as "the garland of Our Lady" may have originally come from this legend.

We gather antique, vintage, handmade and unusual beads from all around the world. Nearly all our crosses, crucifixes, rosary centers and medals are solid bronze and sterling silver...

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