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Some researchers believe this site to be present-day San Salvador Island (formerly known as Watling's Island), situated in the southeastern Bahamas.An alternative theory holds that Columbus landed to the southeast on Samana Cay, according to calculations made in 1986 by National Geographic writer and editor Joseph Judge, based on Columbus's log. On the landfall island, Columbus made first contact with the Lucayan and exchanged goods with them.Today, Afro-Bahamians make up nearly 90% of the population.

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In terms of gross domestic product per capita, The Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americas (following the United States and Canada), with an economy based on tourism and finance.

A peculiarity of the name is that the word The is a formal part of the abbreviated name and is, therefore, capitalised.

The Arizona Diamondbacks are installing a humidor this season.

Their room is designed to store baseballs at the MLB recommendations of 70 degrees and 50% humidity.

The move to standardize the storage of baseballs comes after a season in which MLB shattered its all-time home run record, pitchers complained of low seams and tightly wound balls, and the slickness and uniformity of baseballs used in the World Series came into question.

Commissioner Rob Manfred said Tuesday that MLB commissioned a research project after last season to study the composition, storage and handling of the baseballs. “I’m not at the point to jump that gun right now,” he said about the findings.Taino people moved into the uninhabited southern Bahamas from Hispaniola and Cuba around the 11th century, having migrated there from South America. An estimated 30,000 Lucayan inhabited the Bahamas at the time of Christopher Columbus' arrival in 1492.Columbus's first landfall in the New World was on an island he named San Salvador (known to the Lucayan as Guanahani).MLB teams go through more than 260,000 baseballs in regular season games, or about nine to 10 dozen each game.Pallets of baseballs, boxed by the dozen, are shipped to clubs at various times of the year.So in contrast to "the Congo" and "the United Kingdom", it is proper to write "The Bahamas".

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