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“I have somewhat of a safety net.“If you think back, people didn’t really date. You have to be smart on your own, be your own community.”That need for romantic self-defense — with its attendant anxieties — is what led Ms. Another woman was forced to file a restraining order against her ex-husband.

[Couples] were arranged by families and communities. Now, people are dating on their own and single much later in life. Coder to create her courses and website in the first place. A few women had realized their significant others were being unfaithful. Coder once met a man on Craigslist whom she didn’t realize was married until their third date.

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Coder takes exception with the negative characterizations. “It’s about looking for the information that is already out there. If you find out your partner is an alcoholic and gambles away all their money and you’re OK with that, then go ahead. “I kind of thought that after people found out about Investi Date, I would never get a date again,” Ms. “But I just got a note from someone from England who wants to go on a date. If they claim they’re a doctor or lawyer, check with the appropriate professional licensing organizations; if they say they went to an Ivy League school, call the alumni office; if they’re popping pills that aren’t coming from an amber prescription bottle, run the pills’ identifying number stamp in a drug-identifying database — it could be something harmless, like an over-the-counter headache remedy, or something dangerous, like an addictive painkiller.

Just be aware of the situation you’re getting into. He sent me a link to his Facebook page and asked me to investigate him.”Dating Clues During a recent class held in a Manhattan office building, Ms. If a picture was taken at a bar or restaurant that has since shut down, it’s probably old; if it’s a close-up shot, it could mean a man is shorter than he claims, or that a woman is cropping out a boyfriend; if it’s a series of vacation photos, it could mean the subject already has a significant other, because no one not named Kardashian travels with a personal photographer. 3: Input the profile’s text into the “Gender Genie,” an online algorithm that supposedly can ascertain whether a profile was written by a man or a woman.“That one is more for the guys than the girls,” Ms. “There are a lot of hookers online, but also a lot of drag queens.”When using online dating sites or Craigslist, Ms. It’s even possible to ballpark a potential partner’s income level, Ms. First, use the neighborhood they live in to figure out their ZIP code.

These include a charming personality, Leonardo Di Caprio–level looks, a slick wardrobe, or a killer apartment.

But O’Toole warns us not to be fooled: “All those are superficial and in no way indicative of their character.” Lucky for us, you don’t need to be an FBI special agent to find any (possible) skeletons in the closet.

“If there is something that is questionable, you can take your investigation a little further by casually questioning him about it,” says Pat Brosnan, a former NYPD detective and CEO of Brosnan Risk Consulting. MORE: 12 NSFW Holiday Gifts Way More Fun Than Another Sweater Check their digital footprint.

“If he lies or denies, that is an automatic red flag,” he adds. In these modern times, practically everyone uses some sort of social media at some point in their lives, even if they’re a bit of a technophobe. If he’s always taking pictures with different ladies or getting wasted, and that isn’t your lifestyle, he should be disqualified,” relationship coach and radio host Femi Ogunjinmi says.

If you’re out there flipping burgers because you lost your job, I respect that.

I would go out with that guy in a second.“But no one wants a mooch. Coder calls a “date-a-base,” a separate email account used exclusively for dating that allows Jen to cross-reference potential suitors and see if they have contacted her before.“If six months ago he was a doctor, and today he’s a lawyer, he’s probably a pizza boy,” Jen said with a laugh.

Take it from former FBI criminal profiler Mary Ellen O’Toole, who says doing some stealthy background checking on a new guy is a smart idea.

“Women can often be duped by the trappings of normalcy,” she says.

Or, maybe you won’t do any of that because you consider it “stalking” and prefer the mystery that comes with dating someone new.

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