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And no need to feel like a #creeper here, as this is all public information anyway.These are the same types of services employers and landlords use to screen potential employees and tenants.You don’t have to be “friends” or even follow each other to learn more about your new date. “If you ask your new guy to be Facebook friends, and he refuses, he may be hiding something.” Be your own private investigator.

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That in itself poses a huge safety risk.”Nothing to Hide Of course, one woman’s prudence is another woman’s hyper-vigilance, and one woman’s precautions are another woman’s intrusive, self-defeating biographical strip searches. “So I went on Craigslist, said, ‘My date just canceled, I’m all dressed up and ready to go out for drinks.’ And he responded to me!

Critics say Investi Date is scaring women into scaring off the very men they’re hoping to date. Coder advises her students to send out a strand of a dating partner’s hair for online drug testing, a British newspaper article accused her of “cashing in on female paranoia.” Meanwhile, when Investi Date was featured on New York magazine’s website, anonymous commenters labeled class attendees “psycho,” “scared of the world in general” and — most damning — “on their way to spinsterhood.”Unsurprisingly, Ms. Coder’s techniques to research potential employers. And the drug test suggestion is meant as a last resort for people whose partners exhibit serious behavioral issues — not as a first-date preliminary. Coder said, people who have nothing to hide hide nothing.“No one is doing anything illegal or in a trench coat hiding behind a bush with ‘Pink Panther’ music,” she said. The guy was just dumb.”Other ways to suss out the truth about your date?

Coder deployed a laptop and a projector to teach her students — mostly women in their 30s — how to analyze the online profiles of prospective love matches. 1: If someone uses the word “honest” to describe him or herself, they probably aren’t. Coder advises students to set up two profiles: one of them real, the other a “control post.” While the real profile contains a person’s actual information — height, hair color, likes and so on — the control post is fabricated and exaggerated. Next, input that number into a website that supplies corresponding rent levels. “Look, I know the economy is tough and that New York is expensive.

Finally, divide the rent figure by the suitor’s number of roommates, then multiply that figure by 40 — in New York, renters are supposed to have an annual income 40 times their monthly rent.“I started thinking, ‘How do you know that you won’t become some unemployed guy’s meal ticket? I’d rather date a guy who has nothing and works his way to what he has.

Coder takes exception with the negative characterizations. “It’s about looking for the information that is already out there. If you find out your partner is an alcoholic and gambles away all their money and you’re OK with that, then go ahead. “I kind of thought that after people found out about Investi Date, I would never get a date again,” Ms. “But I just got a note from someone from England who wants to go on a date. If they claim they’re a doctor or lawyer, check with the appropriate professional licensing organizations; if they say they went to an Ivy League school, call the alumni office; if they’re popping pills that aren’t coming from an amber prescription bottle, run the pills’ identifying number stamp in a drug-identifying database — it could be something harmless, like an over-the-counter headache remedy, or something dangerous, like an addictive painkiller.

Just be aware of the situation you’re getting into. He sent me a link to his Facebook page and asked me to investigate him.”Dating Clues During a recent class held in a Manhattan office building, Ms. If a picture was taken at a bar or restaurant that has since shut down, it’s probably old; if it’s a close-up shot, it could mean a man is shorter than he claims, or that a woman is cropping out a boyfriend; if it’s a series of vacation photos, it could mean the subject already has a significant other, because no one not named Kardashian travels with a personal photographer. 3: Input the profile’s text into the “Gender Genie,” an online algorithm that supposedly can ascertain whether a profile was written by a man or a woman.“That one is more for the guys than the girls,” Ms. “There are a lot of hookers online, but also a lot of drag queens.”When using online dating sites or Craigslist, Ms. It’s even possible to ballpark a potential partner’s income level, Ms. First, use the neighborhood they live in to figure out their ZIP code.If you’re out there flipping burgers because you lost your job, I respect that.I would go out with that guy in a second.“But no one wants a mooch. Coder calls a “date-a-base,” a separate email account used exclusively for dating that allows Jen to cross-reference potential suitors and see if they have contacted her before.“If six months ago he was a doctor, and today he’s a lawyer, he’s probably a pizza boy,” Jen said with a laugh.A former crime reporter, she realized her investigative journalism skills could help her more safely navigate a confusing, oft-disappointing, potentially dangerous dating landscape. Coder’s website puts it: Are you swooning over a closeted-serial killer? She also dated a man who claimed he owned a transportation company — but actually owned a pedicab. Coder originally planned to write a book about romantic investigation, only to shelve the idea in favor of pursing a romantic relationship. I always hope one day I’ll get married to a great guy who would never do that to me. She subsequently discovered that her boyfriend was soliciting and seeing other women through Facebook.“That was disheartening,” Ms. It’s a real roller coaster ride being single — ‘Oh, I found one,’ and then, ‘Oh, no, I didn’t.’ But it also lit my fire to make [Investi Date] a success.”The Washington Times is switching its third-party commenting system from Disqus to Spot. You will need to either create an account with or if you wish to use your Disqus account look under the Conversation for the link "Have a Disqus Account? I knew someone who was dating a guy that was on his way to being evicted, and she had no idea.”Romantic Self-Defense Jen had no idea. She found it odd that the man she was dating had a sparsely furnished Manhattan apartment, yet offhandedly mentioned owning a house on Long Island. Coder’s course, Jen was able through online searching to ascertain that the man actually lived on Long Island — and then discover that a listed a female associate of his who shared the same last name was actually his wife.“I dumped him on the spot,” Jen said. “The number of people in the world who are doctors and lawyers could fit in my closet.”Second, Jen gave the account’s login and password information to a handful of trusted friends — in case something goes terribly wrong during a date, or she ends up like the unfortunate young women who disappear during Caribbean vacations and reappear on cable television newscasts.“I think what [Ms. Coder said, are coming off divorces or relationships gone sour.

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