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They must either lower their standards for a mate so they can settle down now or hold to their faith as they pine for what is becoming an endangered species: Christian men worth waiting for.In 1991, the average marrying age for women was 24.

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As we said in the intro, the device can be upgraded to use Verizon's LTE network.

That upgrade will come in the form of a hardware swap which either Verizon or Motorola will have to do, meaning your tablet will go into the shop at some point (at least, that's what Motorola reps told us).

But Jesus isn’t our relational back-up plan, someone we put first until someone better comes along.

He needs to stay central for us regardless of whether we’re single, dating, or married.

This certificate has already expired and will cause a warning or error message in the browser it's still listed on this site to allow you to look back on previously issued certificates.

While all Parisians will understand the sentence above at once, only a few provinciaux will.

We did experience some slowdown when transferring files from our computer or jumping quickly between lots of apps, but we were blown away by the robustness and speed of applications like the browser and some of the included games.

We had to reduce the volume a number of times when we felt that the levels were actually doing damage to the speakers; we're all for loud, but it seems like Motorola (typically very solid in the audio department) might have bitten off more than it could chew here.

Beyond excellent, actually -- some of the best performance we've seen on a slate.

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