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When you don’t honor yourself first though, you actually hurt yourself. Do you have any articles you’ve written on this subject on your website? But on the whole, we’re so lucky to have good health and good attitude to meet new people.

Lisa: Online dating can be very safe; you just have to watch out for the scammers. How do you feel about scammers after this interview? Do you have any other safety suggestions you would like to share?

Then it doesn’t feel right to say, “Let’s end it now,” or “I’m ending it now.” That’s how you take back power. You’re not honoring yourself first, and that’s what you really need to do.” That’s a big problem for us. Women in their 60’s haven’t normally had this opportunity to find friendship and love; it’s just not been the way of the world.

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Her mission in life is to help women attract and find good quality men. Margaret: I’m so glad you’re here, because today’s question has come up a couple of times in articles that you have written for Sixty and Me.

Lisa is also an expert on the one vehicle that we often use to find these men—online dating sites. It has to do with the fear women have about security on online dating sites. I’d be happy to share my experience because you hear about people getting scammed, and you think, “This would never happen to me. ” Some of the most intelligent women have fallen for it.

Professional dating coach, Lisa Copeland, is here today to give us some tips how to avoid scammers. Margaret Manning: My guest today is Lisa Copeland with Find a Quality Man.

Lisa is a dating coach who deals exclusively with women over 50.

The longer they keep you on the phone, the more you reveal and the stronger you bond with them, because you feel understood. Go on there and check out the articles on the reality of online dating. Once you know what you’re doing, this is how you find someone.

Margaret: Also, you feel sorry for them, and you feel you owe them something. I have to tell him I need to be done with this, but I’m so afraid of hurting his feelings when I go.” I tell them, “You’re giving yourself up. Margaret: They get you engaged and then disappear suddenly. Also, at the same time, take a look at all the cool things that she advises about online dating. Margaret: I think it’s really interesting that women over 60 are doing something for themselves for the first time.

We want to make everyone feel positive about the opportunity those sites present, because you’ve told us it’s a great way to meet guys. Margaret: I know this is something that you are really passionate about, and you have such a great insight on how these guys operate. Your vibrations travel across the seas to Africa, where most of these scammers are from.

However, I want you to share with us your experience with the not-so-good side—the people who try to take advantage of women online. They see you as a very successful woman with a piece missing from your life.

Those are give-away clues you want to really look for because scammers usually use pictures of models selling products.

A scammer will get you right away to the phone because he cannot sustain the difficulty of the English language in written form.

So, Lisa, go ahead, and give us your tips for not falling for the scam.

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