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I can select Edit Data from the Power Point Chart Ribbon and it will open to the correct Excel sheet/workbook, so I know the two are connected (linked? I saw many people have referenced Jim Gordon's (another Microsoft MVP) article - however this outlines steps for Inserting/Linking a Microsoft Graph Object, which is NOT what I want to do.

The Microsoft Graph Object has a distinctly different look that does not match the rest of my beautiful reporting decks.

I have several (30 ) monthly reports that I create by copy/pasting charts from Excel into Power Point (Office for Mac 2011, versions 14.3.9).

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I would prefer the look and feel of the Copy/Paste method with the automatic update functionality of the MGO.

I did however, download and install his recommended "Graph Update" Add-In (created by by Power Point MVP Shyam Pillai) meant to update linked charts but to no avail!

Refresh End If Next Next Sub updatelinks() Dim sld As Slide, shp As Shape For Each sld In Active Presentation.

Update Next Next Msg Box ("Graficos actualizados con éxito") End Sub For Each s In Active Presentation.

Many times, if you share your excel ppt combo the links break and after restoring them the automated chart refresh doesn`t work. This is how I got it to work: Dim my Presentation As Power Point.

Refresh Set g Chart = Nothing End If Next s End Sub I changed the code a little bit and with this little change, the refresh of the charts works again automatically. My problem was that I have a Power Point with a lot of graphs that were created with CTRL C and CTRL V, so none of them are linked.

Using a template is the easiest way to create a waterfall chart.

In this article, you’ll find the best Excel waterfall chart template and we’ll show you how to customize the template to fit your needs.

Activate 'Activate it (like 2x click)) Active Window.

by Jim Gordon Microsoft Macintosh MVP Revised January, 2014 These instructions were designed for users of Macintosh versions of Microsoft Office 2011. Click in the document or on the slide where you want the graph to appear.

This is not fast and it will appear that nothing is happening for a while. If you delete the workbook or make it inaccessible then the linked graph will no longer work.

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