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Great news - after upgrading to R2 SP1 with CU1, automatic client upgrades will also install cumulative updates!! The Configuration Manager Automatic Client Upgrade feature in Configuration Manager 2012 RTM through R2 is a nice new feature, but as it is still new to many folks, it often causes some confusion and misconceptions.

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ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 6788 (0x1A84) Successfully deleted the ccmsetup service ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 6788 (0x1A84) Sending Fallback Status Point message to '', STATEID='400'.

ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 6788 (0x1A84) Params to send FSP message '5.0.7804.1000 Deployment [DP] $/CAS00006' ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 6788 (0x1A84) State message with Topic Type 800 and Topic Id has been sent to the FSP FSPState Message 9/9/2013 AM 6788 (0x1A84) Deleted file C:\Windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 11156 (0x2B94) Task ' Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Task' does not exist ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 11156 (0x2B94) Ccm Setup is exiting with return code 0 ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 11156 (0x2B94)==========[ ccmsetup started in process 8260 ]========== ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 9948 (0x26DC) Running on platform X64 ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 9948 (0x26DC) Updated security on object C:\Windows\ccmsetup\cache\. Product Type = 2 ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 3892 (0x0F34) Ccmsetup command line: "C:\Windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe" /runservice "/Upgrade Win Task" "/usepkicert" "CCMHTTPPORT=80" "CCMHTTPSPORT=443" "CCMFIRSTCERT=1" SMSSITECODE="PRI" "/mp: FSP="" ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 3892 (0x0F34) Command line parameters for ccmsetup have been specified.

Therefore, if the clients are not in a maintenance window when the scheduled task runs, the automatic upgrade will not take place.

When you have Automatic Client Upgrade enabled, each client adds a scheduled task called “Configuration Manager Client Upgrade Task”.

Before installing the SCEP hotfix, you may decide to take a look inside your file at the manifest.

The manifest is a file compressed inside of and has details of the files which are part of the Config Mgr client installation, including the hash values and versions of each file.

ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 9948 (0x26DC) Launch from folder C:\Windows\ccmsetup\ ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 9948 (0x26DC) Ccm Setup version: 5.0.7804.1000 ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 9948 (0x26DC) In Service Main ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 3892 (0x0F34) Successfully started the ccmsetup service ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 4892 (0x131C) Running on OS (6.2.9200). No registry lookup for command line parameters is required.

ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 3892 (0x0F34) Command line: "C:\Windows\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe" /runservice "/Upgrade Win Task" "/usepkicert" "CCMHTTPPORT=80" "CCMHTTPSPORT=443" "CCMFIRSTCERT=1" SMSSITECODE="PRI" "/mp: Ccmsetup is being restarted due to an administrative action.

In a client’s CCMSETUP.log, you’ll see the following: Ccmsetup command line: "C:\WINDOWS\ccmsetup\ccmsetup.exe" /runservice "/Auto Upgrade" "/Upgrade Package Version:4" "/Upgrade Win Task" "/usepkicert" "CCMHTTPPORT=80" "CCMHTTPSPORT=443" "CCMFIRSTCERT=1" SMSSITECODE="PRI" "/mp: So, has been spun up by the scheduled task, and has created a temporary CCMSETUP service with the pertinent switches to check for upgrades.

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