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Answer: Enable Automatic Client Upgrade (see “Important Caveat”).Important Caveat: If you enable Automatic Client Upgrade and have maintenance windows applied to your clients, the clients will adhere to the maintenance windows regardless of the Automatic Client Upgrade checkbox.ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 6788 (0x1A84) Using branch cache option.

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Further down the log, you will see that the is checked for existence, and it will discover that the hash value of the in the client’s %windir%\CCMSETUP directory no longer matches the hash of the listed in the new ccmsetup manifest: A few lines further down the log, you’ll see that the CCMSetup process reminds you one more time that the hash does not match, but this time it deletes the old and uses BITS to download the updated from the DP, and you can see that the new is around 25MB in size.

File ' C:\Windows\ccmsetup\SCEPInstall.exe' with hash ' B0336B863EE0FEE92A309F1BF1F11B878236D45C60165AAF7A6ED48454262595' from manifest doesn't match with the file hash ' EEBF8FBE6920D51B2728DE6303457F25DE302C1E3A5742ED175D281CAEC276BD' ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 6788 (0x1A84) Upgrade code '': product = '', installed = 1, version = 5.00.7804.1000 ccmsetup 9/9/2013 AM 6788 (0x1A84) Client download is skipped because client version is greater than 5.00.7804.1000.

Looking at the properties of the scheduled task, let’s say you’ve entered 30 days in the automatic client upgrade option.

In this case, the “Next Run Time” will be anywhere from 1 to 30 days out from the current date.

The purpose of this blog post is to hopefully clear up some of the common misconceptions of this feature, and also show you how you can use it to keep your SCEP client version updated – not the definitions, but the actual version of the client itself.

You may already be familiar with the Automatic Client Upgrade option.

What this means is that automatic client upgrade will NOT automatically apply cumulative updates to your clients.

Instead, you must use the packages created by the CU installation process to upgrade your clients, or SCUP, or any other method you choose.

Looking at the line within the client package for the SCEPInstall before applying the SCEP update to the site server, you’ll notice something like following: After applying the SCEP hotfix to your site server(s), you can once again open the and review the manifest,, and should see that both the “File Hash” value, as well as the “Version” property have been updated to reflect the new updated by the SCEP update installation.

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