Auto backdating bank cash contract dealerships fraud rebate

But even with this offset for use, the dealership was facing millions of dollars in refund costs.

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Hopefully, these and similar scenarios will benefit customers.

Finally, dealer incentives should not be confused with dealer holdback.

However, what triggered a wave of suits in California and other states is a 2002 case called the dealership, with customer approval, rewrote a deal and backdated the retail installment sale contract to the original delivery date (six days earlier).

The customer sued the dealership, and the case was filed as a class action.

In July of last year, a California appellate court handed down a very nasty, published decision that makes backdating retail installment sale contracts even riskier now than it was before.

I have been advising dealers not to backdate contracts for many years.

The longer a car collects dust, the more cash a savvy negotiator can save.

Dealer incentives are subject to local and regional variables.

Related: Buying Advice Remember, dealers pay to keep vehicle inventory in stock.

So even if an incentive isn't attached to a particular model, dealers are more likely to be flexible on pricing for a vehicle that's been on their lot for two months or more.

Most dealerships see holdback as something that they're entitled to.

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