Assertive dating

In my profile I mention that I avoid confrontation. Make it clear in your profile you're looking for assertive / agressive women.2.

I have no problem approaching guys that interest me, and even asking them out.

But when it comes to a relationship, I do prefer an alpha male.

everyone has a degree of that quality to them, it is just finding one that agrees with what both of you want.

you have to treat each individually, but go by the tone they use in the profile for a hint at what they are like.

Why not put it in your profile, " I like assertive/agressive women" . purfectmeow you might try dating guys outside of Themyscira, for a change. Saying you prefer assertive/aggressive women in your profile and then sitting back and waiting is your best bet.

If you have to ask a woman if she's aggressive - or I should say, if you have the opportunity to ask a woman this - she can't be. Assertive/aggressive women will get to you and show you they are long before you get the chance to bring it up."Dont ever try to read between the lines..makes you look like a fool in the end! So do we even have any idea of what the OP considers aggressive/assertive?I would agree with some of the people who replied as in just put it on your profile.I noticed though when some guys get that assertive/aggressive woman which they asked to have. They say its what they want until they get it, and then they dont want it anymore.ones coming to mind though are:"i tell it like it is" or "i don't hold back anything" or anything followed by "but i'm not a b.tch" or even if they use "NO/NOT" all capitalized, would tend to indicate they are a strong-willed person.or look for women who explicitly state they like to take charge and run things.Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing... Trying to read between the lines has not worked even a little bit.

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