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The aim of the game is to have as few Hearts cards as possible in your tricks and not to trump the Queen of Spades to avoid getting points and not to exceed the agreed limit of points at the end of the round.Avoid trumping Hearts cards or the Queen of Spades!In the lobby you select under settings the card images and game design you want to play with.

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You can select who can come to the table and the stakes and amount of points you would like to play for (between 30 and 50 points).

You have the choice between the versions „Classic“ and „Special“.

Beloved Akasha and Asun invite you to join them this Conclave Weekend for a refreshing and exciting Revelation of the Wonderful Truth about You, Your Destiny, the Divine Plan your God Presence has for you and the magical fulfilling ways to bring this forth in your daily living and experience. The Ascended and Angelic Host come to continue our Training and advance the Raising Activity within us.

The Ascended Masters will assist us in tapping into the Dynamic and Divine Inner Qualities inherent within us and teach us how to out-picture our Unlimited Magical Creative Nature in our daily lives, in a way that leads to greater happiness, fulfillment, and abundance in all our relationships and experience side of life. This Activity is the known as the ‘Mighty T Force’, the Force of Transformation, Transmutation, and Transfiguration.

If one of your fellow players exceeds the agreed number of points you should have the lowest number of points in your account because then you win!

You can find details on multiplayer versions here: How do multiplayer games work?

As our thank you to each one who supports the Academy by purchasing a ticket to the Celebration Banquet, we are offering Flashdrive Key tickets at half the Attendee price!

That works out (plus taxes) for both the Flashdrive key and the Banquet than purchasing the Flashdrive key alone at the already discounted attendee price!

Of course you can also join the current round of a fellow player.

At the edge of the table you can view who’s players turn it is.

The remaining time for a move, the stakes and your credit will be displayed.

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