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Ekj4: no it's my middle name that i use for writing, trying to stay on the dl NPG---: r u alone? Ekj4: sure am NPG---: have u ever spoke in private chat space? Ekj4: i'm a terrible typist though NPG---: would u like 2 go a room? The app requires you to sign in using Facebook or Twitter, and although this may seem to be a bit of nuisance for some, it’s nice that it incorporates social media.

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If you’re familiar with the PHP interface, then php Free Chat may be of some interest to you.

In short, it’s an open-source, AJAX-based chat server that can be implemented in your own website to create your own free chat room.

Of course, it will take some technical know-how to get things properly installed, but it’s also a good step to generating a real-time communication method for your own online community.

For those of you who bask in the pleasure of coding, php Free Chat is supposedly relatively easy to install, and it doesn’t even require you to set up a database.

Instant messaging, and commenting served as the new mode of online communication, and chat rooms came to be seen as unpleasantly tacky rather than commonly useful.

Sure, you may see chat rooms around today, but most of them are either used by a specific group or individuals just wanting to get – – a show. You probably know that they aren’t necessarily dead – they just aren’t the public channel of text-form conversation.

This is the AOL chat log detailing her interactions with Prince that Erica emailed me while we were planning her novella. NPG---: start ur own chat NPG---: private NPG---: type in the space....amatteroftime Ekj4: is it only going to be u and i?

Here, of course, "NPG---" was Prince's private AOL chat handle at that time while Ekj4 is Erica. NPG---: use the icon that says....people NPG---: c it?

u'll be here in a minute NPG---: y NPG---: then u have direct quotes Ekj4: it neesd to be face to face NPG---: y? you get better feeling about the person that way Ekj4: anyway, this could be aaron for all i know. i love to chat online NPG---: eye am not a liar NPG---: this way is cooler NPG---: and eye don't get motion sickness Ekj4: so u think we will just have some time tonight or would you be down to... NPG---: eye wanna c the slam dunk competition up close Ekj4: is kg in it? NPG---: if u were me...would u fly thamuch Ekj4: no i don't like to fly that much. Ekj4: chain letters and nonsense NPG---: won't send u any mail NPG---: ever NPG---: many people use this screenname... Prince is gone now as well, and even though he was a legend he was also a real human who loved people.

Ekj4: no, we cannot do the interview this way, but doesn't matter. NPG---: eye have 2 fly 2 oakland NPG---: 2morrow Ekj4: for what? NPG---: eye am never drowsy NPG---: yes ..game Ekj4: u r going? i love the t-wolves and kg Ekj4: but i root for the knicks NPG---: eye maybe cannot go if eye go 2 new york NPG---: 2 much flying makes me barf Ekj4: npg---, u sleepin'? NPG---: we will call when eye ge there Ekj4: 1derful NPG---: u type like me Ekj4: now that u have my e-mail, don't send me any spam! I miss our regular talks and her energy but most of all I miss my friend.

NPG---: yes Ekj4: i don't think i would like 2 c what random people r saying about me NPG---: sometimes it is funny Ekj4: taht would be strange but i guess you have become accustomed 2 it NPG---: yes NPG---: so, eye must go and pack, then NPG---: bye bye NPG---: c u 2night Ekj4: c ya later, inshallah NPG---: peace I loved these chats because they are a reminder that our legends are also real people.

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