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I downsized to the bare essentials, got rid of cable TV, kept high speed internet, got rid of two households of furniture and sold both households.

I got rid of landline telephone opting for smart phone technology.

Total square feet of the place are less than 800 square feet.

It is comfortable since I no longer have a wife and my kids are grown and on their own.

You may of course enter the chatroom by clicking the “chatroom” icon.

The chatroom itself may be moved if it is in your way when you are viewing the site.

Most of my friends make the presumption that I teach speech communication; therefore, I must be a mentor or coach. Tonight she got one of the stiffest of my group to break into laughter over a story she told.

Everyone went silent for a moment waiting for lightening bolt that was sure to strike.

I knew Anna well enough to know she was naked under that 'little black dress.' In fact, she went to lengths I could not imagine to explain how sensual it is being "commando, is the guy term, right," she concluded.

I laughed at her use of the term 'commando,' and agreed that commando is the term.

This Saturday evening, I hosted one such get together with my hostess of choice who never turns me down.

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