Anniversary gifts four years dating

We hardly ever talk about them, but we use them every night. Apparel: Buy her those leather boots or that new designer purse she won’t buy herself.

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It takes careful intention, hard work, love, commitment and forgiveness.

And those first five years are both the most difficult and the most joyous.

Perhaps there’s a new place in town with your spouse’s favorite type of food, this is a good chance to get on that wait list and make a special day happen!

Or maybe you haven’t been back to the place you ate the night you got engaged or the place that catered a meal on your wedding day. This can be one night at a cheap hotel, but get away and go experience a weekend just the two of you connecting. Can you remember what time you woke up and what you did hour by hour?

That romantic walk where he proposed, take that same walk or a similar one if you aren’t in the same state.

I used this date to tell my husband I was pregnant after years of infertility, and you can see all the crazy places we went on video HERE.Find something new and special, or old and familiar that it’s just been a while, and make sure to plan and book it. Trust me, even a staycation goes a long way and reminds you of your honeymoon or should-have-been honeymoon. Try to recount all the details of the big day, what you were doing, what you were thinking, and enjoy hearing each other’s story!It’s also a great time to bust out the wedding video if you have one, or the photo album or digital files and look through the big day.A little nostalgia is perfect for this celebration. Fill out our 10 Questions to Ask on Your Anniversary, and enjoy each other’s answers. You work hard, your significant other works hard, and there is nothing better than indulging in a little pampering and relaxation together while you unwind.I always love hearing what Jacob’s favorite part of the year was, and he always loves hearing my strongest memory of the year (I have a pretty crazy memory). I made the category on purpose, and as much as I know people love the free date ideas, sometimes you’re like, let’s go all out and spend a wad of cash in the name of doing something really amazing. There’s nothing like recommitting to promises and maybe laughing at your younger version of love too. And you don’t wear clothes when you do this, so there’s always that.But really, there’s nothing sweeter than visiting where you met, where you first kissed, where you first said I love you, where you had important conversations, where you got married, etc. We do this every year and it’s one of our favorite things! This is one most people think, yeah I’ll book somewhere expensive and romantic and call it a day.

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