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I want the name of this false hate crime hoaxer to show that her treatment was different than that of non-Muslims in the general student population, including Halley Beth Bass, who was prosecuted for a filing a false hate crime report, when this woman was not.

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When Judge Connors to the bench to rule against me in Ann Arbor, he hadn’t even read the key controlling Michigan Court of Appeals case on this issue, .

In that case, ESPN wanted the names of student athletes to show that their treatment by prosecutors was different than that of general student population.

You can either use the yellow buttons on the left for a one-time donation or monthly subscription, or you can prevent the Pay Pal fees by going to Pay Pal and sending it directly to: [email protected] Your support means more efforts like those described herein. We are filing our claim of appeal today, so I urgently need your help now.

At the hearing on my case, it was clear that Judge Connors, who is very liberal and has a history of being reversed on appeal, was going to rule against me and in favor of his liberal politics, no matter what and regardless of Michigan law, which is clearly and overwhelmingly on my site.Despite that, Washtenaw County Judge Timothy Connors refused to obey the law and ruled against me. The filing fees are at least 0, and there are other costs, such as transcripts copies, postage, gas and other legal fees.As I noted, Michigan law and the Michigan Court of Appeals cases are on my side, so I’m likely to win, but I need your help to pay for all of this to bring us to victory in court.As I’ve noted before, the woman in this case–the Muslim hate crime hoaxer–has no right to privacy under the law. But we need to fight the good fight at the far-less-political Michigan Court of Appeals level to get justice. As I’ve said before, I’m not a big operation, just a one (wo)man shop.But I think I do more to fight the encroachment of Islamic extremism in America than others who shriek on FOX News and/or demand money to fund billboards and bus ads promoting their personal websites.We tend to favor live communication to long questionnaires, so here you do not get bored by list of questions. We could write a book about married couples that found their love on our website. As Do ULike is a trustworthy online dating site our safety and personal data are very important to us.

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