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North Korean students learn that their country has had two main enemies: the Japanese, who colonized Korea from 1910 to 1945, and the U. - known as American b******* - is reflected in a framed wall poster inside a North Korean kindergarten classroom where children brandish rifles and bayonets as they attack a hapless U. soldier, his face bandaged and blood spurting from his mouth.Another drawing depicts North Korean fighter jets dropping bombs on American soldiers trapped in flames. S.' in English is on his knees begging for mercy as he is pummeled on the head with a stick.

In recent years, state propaganda has shifted away from the virulent anti-American slogans of the past and has instead emphasized building up the economy.

On the streets of Pyongyang, anti-American posters have largely given way to images of soldiers in helmets and workers in factories.

Another boy depicts a whole battlefield: a North Korean plane dropping bombs on dead, bloodied American soldiers, as well as grenades and tanks.

In a final flourish, he adds the name of the South Korean president to the tableau, muttering the name under his breath as he labors over the letters.

Este es el lamentable estado de las aceras y carretera del Paseo de Herrera.

Es una vergüenza con están las aceras en el paso de cebra del apeadero de renfe. ¿Por qué los del gas hacen 3 parches en Pescadores de Gran Sol?

Rucker is co-headlining a summer tour with Lady Antebellum.

Junior hockey players and others were en route to a crucial playoff game on Friday when a tractor-trailer slammed into their chartered bus, killing 15 and sending shock waves through a small Canadian town.

Across the nation, students convene en masse, dressed in military uniforms and armed with toy rifles and bayonets. And spotted among the mourners following Kim Jong Il's death in December was a boy who clearly had no problem with a Yankee of a different kind.

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