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Another boy depicts a whole battlefield: a North Korean plane dropping bombs on dead, bloodied American soldiers, as well as grenades and tanks.In a final flourish, he adds the name of the South Korean president to the tableau, muttering the name under his breath as he labors over the letters.

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The North Korean hate campaign generally does not include South Koreans, who are portrayed as puppets of the U. However, in recent months, it has come to encompass South Korean President Lee Myung-bak, whose tough policies toward the North have enraged its leaders as well as the South's conservative media.

The best of the children's work is pinned up on a board: One kindergartner used color pencils to draw a boy in a blue cap attacking a midget American soldier with a studded club.

Across the nation, students convene en masse, dressed in military uniforms and armed with toy rifles and bayonets. And spotted among the mourners following Kim Jong Il's death in December was a boy who clearly had no problem with a Yankee of a different kind.

At one such celebration in Pyongyang this month, students took turns charging dummies of U. Perched on his head was a blue knit cap with the New York Yankees logo from a distinctly American sport: baseball.

In recent years, state propaganda has shifted away from the virulent anti-American slogans of the past and has instead emphasized building up the economy.

On the streets of Pyongyang, anti-American posters have largely given way to images of soldiers in helmets and workers in factories.

S., which fought against North Korea during the 1950-53 Korean school principal, pulls out a dummy of an American soldier with a beaked nose and straw-colored hair and explains that the students beat him with batons or pelt him with stones.

It's a favorite schoolyard game, the female principal said.

'People are being whipped up to hate the United States on the basis of past actions.'The Americans also are portrayed with nuclear symbols on their helmets and uniforms, a reference to the North Korean insistence that the U. They learn to sing, dance and ride unicycles, and at 4pm they get a snack and soy milk.'From that time on, the tragedy emerged by which our nation was divided in two,' said Jon, who has taught at the kindergarten for 15 years.

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