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Can you categorize how Cuban civil society viewed the U. The most fervent supporters of the Cuban Revolution viewed the United States as an imperialist threat thanks to the long history of U. intervention in Cuba dating back to the 19 century and the U.

S.’s continuing efforts to undermine Castro’s government.

Cuba’s place in many expats’ imaginations often conjures images of an exotic isle frozen in time.

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In late 2012 Hurricane Sandy did extensive damage to many parts of the country and is still being repaired.

In addition, crime, especially opportunistic theft, is on the increase, so expats should avoid walking around Havana at night and make sure to use only legitimate taxis and tour operators.

Cubans can now own property for the first time since the revolution in 1959, and immigration laws have been relaxed: Cuban Americans, who before 2009 were permitted to enter Cuba only once every three years, may now visit their families as often as they wish.

Free trade zones have opened up, and import-export laws have relaxed.

With Soviet backing, Cuba managed to build up reputable education and healthcare systems and the medical tourism industry has played an important role in the country’s economy for a number of years.

However, the ailing infrastructure leaves much to be desired..

Now, greater numbers of the Cubans in the workforce are self-employed and pay tax to the government.

These changes suggest a bright future with many opportunities for expats.

There are only two international schools in Cuba – The International School of Havana and École Française de La Havana, both of which are in the country’s capital.

Soy de la habana Cuba.en 1994 y era 3 aos.tengo 23 pero nunca pierdo mi patriolismo y represent Cuba y todo lo que viene..busco Una Cubana que quiere tener Una seria relacion con migo y que es luchadora y responsa..

I am a happy person, I like the respect sincerity, I am mu loyal to the people I admire and love you.

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