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And, if you’ve got some conversational Spanish (Colombia) or Portuguese (Brazil) under your belt, it couldn’t be easier.

The reason you need the language is that, as I mentioned, it’s chat-driven (think instant messaging, not chat rooms).

And when you’re chatting live, one-on-one, you’ve got to be quick on your feet, which is hard to achieve when you’re going back and forth between the chat box and Google Translator.

I haven’t spent as much time in Brazil, but I believe it’s similar.

Here’s The Million-Dollar Badoo Secret: Use the Spotlight feature to get tons of eyeballs on your profile for chump change.

It’s an absolutely amazing country for meeting women online these days, especially if you can speak some Spanish.

Plus, Medellin happens to be a great city to live in, and no Colombian will deny it’s got the country’s most beautiful women.

I’m pretty seasoned on the phone, so this step really helps me to solidify the in-person meet up.

If she didn’t have a lot of pictures on the dating site, sometimes I would move things to Facebook before asking for her number, so I could hopefully see more photos there and make sure I wanted to meet her in the first place. When I was going on my ideal 3-5 online dates per week while living in Colombia, I didn’t really even use Latin American that often.

I’ve heard a couple guys say they met hot girls on Amo, but frankly, I’ve never tried it for myself or for clients because: a) I don’t trust Anastasia Date International, the company that owns the site; and b) I never needed it, because Cupid Media’s database in Latin America is so deep that it shouldn’t be necessary if you get a decent response rate.

Women on international dating sites like Latin American and Russian think templates are normal, and generally won’t respond more quickly just because it’s obvious you read her profile.

This breed of woman is more sexy and exciting anyway, in my opinion (ahem, expert opinion).

That’s why Brazil was my go-to vacation destination.

I know what you’re thinking, but forget the dangerous drug cartels. I imagine a lot of Venezuelan cities are similarly awesome for dating, but damn is that country dangerous.

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