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Thanks so much for your help in identifying some of the hats in yesterday’s post. After watching these movies, I can understand why there are whole blogs dedicated to vintage clothing and recreating those looks for today. I’ve shown both the front and back of these delightful styles when possible.

It wouldn’t be fair to share all the great hats Doris Day wore in the movies,, without also sharing the fabulous dresses with which they were paired.

Unfortunately, Jan is stuck sharing a party line with Brad Allen, (Rock Hudson) who turns out to be a major lady’s man and quite the phone hog.

The sparks fly and insults are exchanged when Jan can barely squeeze a phone call in between Brad’s constant calls with all the women he’s playing courting.Things get really interesting when Brad accidentally meets Jan and finds her to be much more attractive than he ever expected.He pretends to be someone else, knowing she would have nothing to do with him if she knew who he really was.Much of the plot/fun in this movie revolves around the old theme of mistaken identity…which is also a big theme in the movie, Pillow Talk.Lover Come Back: The Fashion You may recognize the hat from yesterday’s post.They begin dating and you can just imagine what happens when Jan discovers he’s her party line Romeo.

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