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Just be careful, it’s usually too crowded up there and being Guatemala, there’s no guardrail and you can get so close to the lava it singes your eyebrows if you get to close and the wind changes.

Antigua is totally mobbed every Semana Santa, which is the week leading up to Easter.

One final note: Antigua Guatemala is a very popular place for gay tourism.

That means there’s a lot of good restaurants, art, etc.

Cafe no Sé is a nice quirky little place with live music and a solid choice for more alternative tastes, especially on the weekend. While you’re in Antigua, take the time to climb Volcan Pacaya, a live volcano just an hour or two from Antigua.

They have a day trip (too early) and a night trip where you can really see the lava up close.

Antigua is full of hostels and cheap hotels, so you don’t really need to book ahead of time.

As a general rule you will spend more if you book online than just walk in some places. You can also stay at the Black Cat Hostel also which is a real backpacker hotspot with a lively bar scene of its own.

They come in from Guatemala City to drink 3Q (37.5 cents) drinks and all you have to do as a guy is buy one drink regular price and then they let you go upstairs to this paradise. They also have the biggest nachos we’ve ever had which are also quite tasty.

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