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Ask your best friend or someone you trust to proofread your profile to check that what you have written is a fair and honest representation of your personality and you aren’t coming across like a crazy person.

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or from under the sweaty bed sheets you shared on secret, passionate nights. But that all changed when your best friend asks for a favor and you end up as her teaching assistant at a private Korean high school.

You thought the summer before your senior year of college was going to be relaxing and carefree.

Full Bio dating is the greatest invention the world has ever seen.

You browse profiles, find someone you like and start a conversation.

You’ve been in love with your brother’s best friend, Choi Seunghyun. You both knew that your brother, Kwon Jiyong, would not be happy about this… But you never would’ve imagined, that once Kwon Jiyong stepped into your life, you’d be the one learning in a subject any school would disapprove of: X. For some reason, I feel like TOP’s ideal type would be a girl who could “fill” what he didn’t know or is missing… I feel like he’d find a girl with different views, ideas, maybe even talents intriguing. I also feel like he’d like a smart and cool girl who was confident and independent. Facial features, I just see sexy sharp eyes and pouty lips.

All you had to do was teach a bunch of high schoolers English, seemed easy enough. For some reason I feel like he wouldn’t like TOO busty girls, as long as there’s something there.

Kim Jong-hyun (Hangul: 김종현; Hanja: 金鐘鉉; born April 8, 1990) is a South Korean singer and composer. Jonghyun released his first EP titled Base on January 12, 2015.

He is a member of both the South Korean boy group Shinee and the ballad group S. Jonghyun has been active in music since he was in junior high school.

In the 4th mini album Sherlock, Jonghyun had written the two songs 'Honesty' and 'Alarm Clock'.

The song 'Honesty' is written to give thanks to their fans who have stayed by their side with unchanging love until now.

In October 2010, Jonghyun was one of twenty idols from various South Korean groups that recorded the song, "Let's Go," for the purpose of increasing public participation in the 2010 G-20 Seoul summit.

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