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Reserve a table for your one-of-a-kind fondue dining experience.Records containing this information are commonly called "vital records," because they refer to critical events in a person's life.

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A photocopy of a Registration of Birth usually includes: There’s always an official raised seal and red stamp on the back of the photocopy stating it’s a certified true copy of the original registration.

A birth record search will tell you if a record was found, but won’t provide any other information.

These are the most important documents for genealogical research, although the births, marriages, and deaths of many people have never been recorded by civil authorities. Vital records for Alberta open to the public are for years before 1905, when Alberta was part of the Northwest Territories.

They cover only the portion of the Northwest Territories that became Alberta.

Please note that a training course is not confirmed until a minimum quota of participants have registered.

You will be notified at least two weeks before the course date.

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There is only one size of birth certificate; what varies is the amount of information it contains.

Course status: Pending minimum registrations IMPORTANT - ACCREDITATION INFORMATION FOR ALL COURSES: For each course, you’ll need attend a half-day accreditation session - date to be determined, but it will be approximately 6-8 weeks after training.

When you come to the course, please have in mind at least two dates when you would be available for accreditation, so the trainer can allocate accreditation dates and times before the training ends.

If an accreditation date is listed with the course on this website, and you know you'll be unable to attend accreditation on that date, please notify [email protected] the training dates.

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