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After Thompson graduated from Howard University with a degree in Communications & Culture, he worked as a production assistant for the Pac 12-Networks for a short time before enrolling in the University of San Francisco School of Law.

He was deemed academically ineligible after one year, falling just short of the minimum grade point average required.

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“That was a disappointment, but rather than get down on myself I walked across the street, literally, to the sports management program and just graduated with my master’s this past December,” he said.

Thompson was one of more than 40 professionals who participated in O’Dowd’s Career Day, held on March 16, sharing their professional journeys and providing practical and valuable tips for success.

Thompson was part of the “Sports” Industry Spotlight Session, along with Shelley Russi ’88 (who works in Referee Operations for the WNBA), Tom Abdenour (an athletic trainer who worked for the Golden State Warriors for 24 seasons) and Shana Daum (vice president of community relations for the San Francisco Giants).

“I genuinely believe there is no such thing as failure if you learn from your experiences,” Thompson said. Nobody wants that to happen, but as long as you understand what your vision and your goals are and you keep pushing towards them everything works out – it’s called the learning process.” After their presentations, the Career Day speakers were invited to join faculty members and staff for lunch in the theater lobby.

It is very diverse, all sorts of stores, and they have good sales. - "Takoma Park is known as the Berkeley of the East.

Competitors, we're more modest than that, please challenge us to greatness.

DC is famous for being the most politically liberal big city, but then it's also famous for being the nexus of the Counter-Counter-Culture (it's actually hip to be drug free here, though you can do just about anything in public and still get elected to high office), so you may be wondering, where do hippies fit in?

As it happens, Takoma Park is not the sad, commercialized, isolated enclave of hipness that you find in most big cities. Nobody moves here for the shopping or arts, but very large percentages of the populations are vegetarians, recyclers, renters, non-car owners, members of the two co-ops.

Possibly the cheapest place you can live between the mountains and the Chesapeake, if you're a hippie." You don't need a car.

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