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“This was new and set a positive tone for the day,” event organizer and Dragon Launch coordinator Meghan Bailey Wallingford ’89 said.

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It is very diverse, all sorts of stores, and they have good sales. - "Takoma Park is known as the Berkeley of the East.

Competitors, we're more modest than that, please challenge us to greatness.

The downtown is very eclectic, with many far-out shops, including the popular Shakedown Street, offering a variety of Grateful Dead and hippy-related merchandise. There's also a lot of very cool natural attractions, such as Mt. Louis' South Side around the area of South Grand Avenue.

There is also another older, but growing hippie enclave in a close-in suburb of St. Known as the University City Loop along 10 blocks of Delmar Boulevard, the area is hopping with hippie-run shops and vendor stands." Another Opinion: Bullshit.

Thompson was part of the “Sports” Industry Spotlight Session, along with Shelley Russi ’88 (who works in Referee Operations for the WNBA), Tom Abdenour (an athletic trainer who worked for the Golden State Warriors for 24 seasons) and Shana Daum (vice president of community relations for the San Francisco Giants).

“I genuinely believe there is no such thing as failure if you learn from your experiences,” Thompson said. Nobody wants that to happen, but as long as you understand what your vision and your goals are and you keep pushing towards them everything works out – it’s called the learning process.” After their presentations, the Career Day speakers were invited to join faculty members and staff for lunch in the theater lobby.Here resides Another Shakedown Street, Purple East, Little Bohiemia, Raven Nest, Spirit Dreams, Scavenger Hunt, Flashbacks, and tons of other shops, restaurants. - "This is truly a hip community, located along the shores of beautiful Lake Michigan, surrounded by picturesque sand dunes.There is a large percentage of hippies in different parts of the cities. Saugatuck is the epicenter of many western Michigan coastal communities offering a very laid-back chilled atmosphere, and amongst the population you will find an immense multitude of artists and a majority of open-minded people. I must say that this town is the ultimate chill-spot." - "There is a substantial hippie community that exists on St.Please note, most of these were reader contributions!If you know of any other places to add to this list please write to us. Then Harvestfest isn't too far away either." - "Home of the annual HEMPSTOCK.Since there's a major African American presence it has a somewhat Rastafarian ambiance.

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