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Not a huge deal, but the loop is there for a reason, and it’s rather noticeable when you’re not wearing the oversized jacket. A six-week construction project is underway, and Hollywood set designers are on hand to completely transform the Palms' main pool and VIP bungalow-area into a medieval enchanted forest.

I say this because, while Jerome always makes sure Morris Day is properly coiffed and assembled – the famous mirror always at the ready, even onstage – no one cares to make sure Jerome has always covered the details. It will take three full days after everything is trucked in from California just to set up.

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Then it’s a huge blowout bash steps away from the arena in one of the ballrooms there!

* My friend Gary Lee Robbins at the new Retro Television Network, which will be broadcasting a live daily show from ...

Their birthday group was celebrating publicist Kate Fenney’s similar anniversary.

The Bank’s sister club, Jet, next door at the Mirage, hosted Boston Celtics star Paul Pierce with an “MVP Championship Party.” Paul, who owns a condo here, relaxed first all day at the club’s Bare topless-optional pool.

I was off duty and in my natural habitat among my own nerdy kind.

I smiled at him and his suspicions were confirmed too.At the San Diego Comic Convention, I ran into a strip club customer.I was walking around the convention center in a sea of people, and I was suddenly making eye contact with a man who looked familiar.Paris ordered up fresh sashimi and shots of chilled Grey Goose for the large party in her entourage.She made a grand entrance at Pure nightclub in Caesars Palace as the DJ played her hit single, “Stars Are Blind.” She grabbed the mic and sang along to her song.Topics of conversation are different inside the club and out, naturally.

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