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The college encourages free inquiry and open exchange, offering a wide range of learning opportunities in its classrooms, laboratories and studios throughout the campus, as well as at various off-campus locations.The institution is organized into seven schools, all of which offer four-year bachelor's degree programs and several of which offer targeted master's degree programs.The College of New Jersey offers degrees in over 50 liberal arts and professional programs. Currently students can complete a State of New Jersey Teacher Certification and earn a Master of Education degree while studying in Bangkok, Thailand; Majorca, Spain; or Johannesburg, South Africa.

The majority of buildings now on campus reflect Green Hall's architecture.

In 1996, in a move spearheaded by Harold Eickhoff, The College of New Jersey adopted its current name.

Programs in graduate study were instituted in 1947, followed by accreditation from various national associations in the 1950s.

The enactment of the Higher Education Act of 1966 paved the way for TCNJ to become a comprehensive institution by expanding its degree programs into a variety of fields aside from the education of teachers.

Full-time TCNJ students have the chance to live with this cohort during the program, work with them as conversation partners, and help them learn to navigate campus life. Fiske Guide to Colleges ranks TCNJ the best public institution in New Jersey, with "academic excellence, talented student body, generous financial aid awards, beautiful campus setting, and excellent quality of life." TCNJ has also earned recognition by the Princeton Review for having a world-class library, an excellent quality of life and highly selective medical program; ranking it one of the country’s best value institutions for undergraduate education.

Since the 1990s, incoming students are required to participate in the TCNJ First Year Experience, a large component of the liberal arts curriculum at TCNJ.

in the Trenton suburb of Ewing Township, New Jersey, United States.

TCNJ was established in 1855 by an act of the New Jersey Legislature.

Nearly two-thirds (64%) of TCNJ students who apply to medical school are accepted. Other barometers of student success include the 100% pass-rate of education majors taking the state teacher preparation test and the 85 percent three-year pass rate for nursing students going for their license. Faculty at TCNJ have also put on a number of successful programs.

In 2005, English professors David Blake and Michael Robertson hosted a symposium celebrating the 150th anniversary of the Walt Whitman's Leaves of Grass.

By 1972, 70 percent of entering students were selecting non-education majors. (Bachelor of Science/Doctor of Medicine) program for graduating high school students in conjunction with University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey. This program offers guaranteed admission to UMDNJ upon completion of three years of undergraduate study at TCNJ and the maintenance of a minimum GPA (currently set at 3.5).

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