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Entertainment: 7/10 : Game of Death is but a shameless attempt to collect on martial-arts hero Bruce Lee's reputation and can only be called his "last film" thanks to a few minutes of actual Lee footage taken out of original context.The newly created plot is banal and flat to the point of disdain, created to fit in with the little actual footage available - and to make sure that there was enough padding to get us to the thrilling climax.It's too bad that in the enthusiasm for attacking IBM, the film throws in too many shots of an 18th century "chess machine" (one that was obviously controlled by human hands), hammering the point that there was "obvious" human interference in the match.

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More than a scientific experiment or simple tournament, the media portrayed the match between Kasparov and super-computer Deep Blue as a confrontation between Man and Machine, with the prize being nothing less than intellectual domination.

Using a blend of news footage, interviews with experts and journalists that covered the event, and of course the larger-than-life Kasparov himself, the filmmakers dive into the history behind the competition and the stakes on both sides of the board.

Everyone else will appreciate - if not enthuse over - the blend of paranoia and the telling insider details, making Game Over an interesting look into a controversial event.

Documentary: 6/10 : Though Gamera was originally created as a kid's version of Godzilla, the recent film adventures have been anything but infantile.

This whole exercise is but an excuse to use the little remaining Lee footage to make a quick buck, but admittedly the final bits of Game of Death are a worthy way of remembering the star's real talent.

Entertainment: 3/10 (last 20 minutes: 8/10) : A documentary on a chess game might not appear to make for an exciting subject, but Game Over - Kasparov and the Machine almost manages to make it so.

As such, there's a lot of long shots of Lee's character, with either his head turned from the camera or deep in shadow to avoid us realizing that it's not Lee on screen.

Yet the camera rarely even tries to hide the fact that this isn't Lee!

See Lee battling a nun chuck-welding attacker, a judo master, and 8 foot tall basketball star Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

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