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Volkswagen launched an innovative web chat to accompany their advertising campaign for electronic cars using Captain Kirk and Dr. Warner Bros used Cleverscript to build bots for a Sherlock Holmes game to support the movie.

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The goal of Snap Travel is to find the traveler a hotel that represents the best value.

Best value doesn’t necessarily mean the least expensive option.

Emma not only takes your desired budget into consideration, but according to Fazal, the bot can learn about your preferences over time.

It may learn, for example, that you prefer staying at 4-star hotels over saving a few bucks to stay at 3-star hotels.Sure, we can browse hotels from the comfort of our own sofa.We can spend hours reaping insights from the reviews of fellow travelers.We can compare prices for rooms across numerous websites and search for the best deal.But think of how much work all this is in comparison to the old days (for those of us senior enough to even remember them) when we visited our trusted travel agent once in her office and waited for her to call us back a week later with our entire tripped planned out.Snap Travel’s Emma: Aiming to be a Full-Service Concierge Hussein Fazal, CEO of Snap Travel, believes in this model of bots as trusted personal advisors. As Fazal explained, the service is currently a hybrid of automated algorithms and human input.

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