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He also put meat on the second one, after I asked for tofu.I told him he was giving me the wrong stuff and he offered to remake it if I waited in line again.I had two separate orders, one was very specific and for a friend.

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I told the mgr and he said that’s the way corporate has them do it…REALLY???

where do you think the metal shavings from the knife end up? Reply I just went to the Chipotle right outside of Hanes Mall in Winston-Salem, NC.

I had to wait on more white rice because other ingredients were mixed in with the white rice, vegetables, peppers, etc. Please send someone to the Matteson Illinois store before you have a lawsuit on your hands and see how the staff is handling this food.

Thank you Tanya Bufkin 708-252-XXXX Reply [email protected] at I’ve been going to chipotle for several years in the Boston area.

I’m very disappointed in the customer service and the interior of the Peabody location. I’ve been in an hour before closing and they alway run out of things. It’s definitely not on brand, Reply Had the worst experience with your store in Columbus Ohio 3822 E Broad Street Town and Country Restaurateur Natasha Wulf. A mistake was made on our order when we ordered online we requested a refund and was told they could only do two a day.

This never happens at any other location I frequent. We asked for the corporate number they gave us 614-560-9087 and the name Scott.The employees want to argue about proportion size when you can clearly see that is not correct bad customer service.Reply Visited store on Bloomingdale in Brandon, Fl last night.while waiting for my order to be set up I observed the employee take the steak off the grille and set in a container next to the cutting board.then he proceeded to sharpen the knife on the cutting board, then cut the steak up.I frequent comm ave Boston, Saugus , Peabody, Framingham, Woburn . I was one of the first customers on the opening of that location.

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