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Players build their base, complete with buildings, supplies and weapons, and have to collect gold, elixir and Dark Elixir through gameplay to increase and maintain these defences against attack.

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If your child is going to use the multi-player option of the game unsupervised, be aware that they may come across adults and bad language - occasionally even both at the same time.

Bulk order of various different sizes for daughter to try as hers began to leak 2 days before a school woodland outing.

You can also make your player profile private here.

For more on parental controls on Apple devices, click here.

Even if there was, 14-year-olds could still play with adults in an unmoderated environment with no reporting facilities within Clan chat.

As with many games, even though it is possible to set up safety measures and restrict contact within the game itself, serious players can join forums outside the game which may not be monitored or will be peer monitored and so reaction times to bad behaviour may vary.We ordered around 6pm and got next day delivery which was a massive success.This style is definitely high up the calf/leg which for younger children (daughter 8) does look a bit odd, but fit was fab especially as she has very narrow feet (2 pairs of socks sorted this).We have even thought about your homework you might have from your science teacher and so we collated some information for you.And in case you want to learn something just for fun we have got together some fun facts about all sorts of things to do with our environment.That leaves open the possibility that children could be persuaded to chat away from the game by a fellow clan member.

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