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Never give your address or phone number to someone you just met online.

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We don't recomend you give your facebook until you are really sure you know the person well enough.

The safest way is to use our video chat rooms to talk and watch the webcams first to be safe.

XChat is an IRC chat program for both Linux and Windows. XChat for Windows users are advised to upgrade to 2.8.7c due to a security issue.

It allows you to join multiple IRC channels (chat rooms) at the same time, talk publicly, private one-on-one conversations etc. This affects people browsing the web with Internet Explorer while XChat is running.

In today's world, where companies come and go, you can be assured that Chat Blazer will always be your chat software solution provider for a long time to come.

Since 2001, Chat Blazer has powered real time chat for many Fortune 500 companies, government agencies and institutions worldwide.

Chat Blazer offers a very powerful chat software packaged in an easy to use interface for both end users, hosts, moderators and administrators.

Touted as one of the best chat software in the world, Chat Blazer offers simple setup for single sign-on, member linkage to existing databases and more.

The problem does not exist if Firefox is your default browser.

A major new version of XChat for Windows has been released today: 2.8.7.

The intuitive interface of our web application makes it viable to handle several customers while attending other duties.

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