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The ticket system tracks support inquires by "time waiting" for response from the support dept.The TRK Hosting administration carefully monitors that the TRK Hosting support staff maintains a fast response time, with courteous and helpful service. Every server at TRK Hosting has different specifications.TRK Hosting repairs all failed hardware promptly, to minimize any downtime caused by such. Disk space usage and availability, as well as estimated bandwidth usage, is available to you in the majority of the control panel versions included with the hosting packages. The only time you would need to purchase a dedicated IP address during signup or at a later date is when you have ip specific requirements. A demo of the control panel can be seen upon request.

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Does my website have their own IP number or is it shared?

This depends on the type of hosting packages you order.

TRK Hosting cannot even attempt to support all the thousands of software products on the market.

TRK Hosting will attempt to provide some tech support for the most popular programs our clients use.

TRK Hosting is not responsible for assisting with your own programs and cgi scripts.

If you choose to install your own programs and cgi scripts on your site, you are responsible fully for installing them.

TRK Hosting will provide support for any program or cgi script that we provide pre-installed with your web hosting package.

TRK Hosting is not responsible for designing, nor developing, your website, including HTML and/or images.

TRK Hosting is always building new servers for our shared hosting clients, as well as our dedicated server clients, so a full inventory of parts is maintained. We do not hide fees in fine print, or in our terms of service pages.

Hardware failures are uncommon, but they do happen, and are a part of the hosting business. The only costs that are commonly found to occur beyond your expected flat monthly rates per service, are those due to increased disk space or bandwidth usage. TRK Hosting very often overlook slight overuse of space or bandwidth. You may upgrade your packages to the next size up, should you see an increase in disk space levels or bandwidth usage for the current month, and not want to pay for such additional usage. In a shared hosting environment, all domains are forked by the web server software to correctly identify your domain with a shared IP address. CPanel is the brand name of the web browser control panel software that TRK Hosting utilizes on its web hosting packages.

Traditionally all TRK Hosting hosting packages are on a shared server, however Dedicated IP Addresses are available upon request. TRK Hosting offers support to our clients 24/7/365 via web based ticket system, email.

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