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Besides that, you can’t get many Cadillac parts to fit an old worn out Stud–ebaker! I was out at Pigeon’s farm one time and looked at one of the snowplanes they were working on.Gary had rigged an old double barrel shotgun under the dash and pointing forward through a hole in the nose.

Check out the venues below for ways to help support the local music artists in the South Florida area. It is also a time of Easter egg hunts, visits with the Easter bunny, and fun.

With all the activities happening on Easter, who has time to cook!

Although there are a lot of restaurants that are closed on Easter Sunday, there are a few that are offering Sunday brunch to the Easter crowds.

This list is not all-encompassing, but it does list some of the restaurants in the Miami/Dade and Broward counties that will be open on Easter Sunday.

The was a memorable breakfast we had at the Bottineau Bakery with the Pladson siblings too.

Florence Conroy was responsible for teaching our 4th grade class; “You Outghta Go to North Dakota” .

They took a pretty nice 1950 Lincoln four door and cut the top off so they could stand up and shoot.

Russell told me he was driving once and Gary stood up in the back seat to shoot at a fox just when Russell hit a washout in the tall grass.

They were both laughing when they were telling me about it. Dennis and Sharon Haakenson live in the hills a few miles north of the golf course on the Lake Road.

I’m sure stories could be written about the episodes of the Pigeon boys! Dick Hi Gary, I was visiting with Rod and Marlene Armentrout recently and came across this post card that Marlene had in a photo album. Just thought it might be something you could put in the blog. Dennis built the covered cutter that the horses are hitched to.

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