Adult business cam start web

Also anything that has to do with Lead Gen and is “compatible” with adult products, should do just fine.

Judging by just this one conference, I’d say the adult industry has passed the worst years and it’s climbing back up slowly…

Or let’s just say, mainstream offers can run in more GEOs than adult products – think about the Arab world or some large Asian countries.

It’s still a competitive game, and it’s most likely going to increase again as the pressure from the B2B approach keeps on rising.

But for those, who’re willing to dive in and give the business what it needs …

it was everywhere, mobile traffic networks, mobile affiliate networks … It’s clearly visible that the regulations have hit the Carrier Billing Adult offers pretty hard.

Large part of them moved to the mainstream side of things, where the regulations ain’t that heavy yet.

Dating is kinda dominating the adult industry for a few years now, along with Live Cams, which was another vertical with several companies presenting their Cam platforms.

Dating companies had a significant presence too, many of the old-timers were there, but also a few newer ones like Xcash.Whitelabel dating sites are still running strong too, I’ve seen several companies advertising this concept … It’s actually one of the few niches that seem to be growing in the mobile Carrier Billing area too. Gaming experience is something you cannot simulate and give away on tubes, so there might be some potential in this for adult affiliates. I’ve seen only a few individuals representing production companies or traditional adult affiliate programs, that are still running paid content sites.There were more TUBE site owners than paysite owners …And as you can guess, they are the strongest in evergreen offers that sell well on adult traffic …Dating, Nutra (especially male enhancement), Casino/Binary etc …However, it still has the adult feel to it, with all the hot and barely dressed models walking around, and waste majority of the exhibitors are adult companies too.

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