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User: [email protected]/ Pass: tabarnapp Make more sales by sending discount links to your loyal customers. Especially if your discount code name has multiple words with spaces. One concern I have found is it doesn't always add the discount even if the cart total warrants it.

Or create rules to apply discounts automatically based on what's in their shopping cart. The link generator does not save any link, it just helps you build the url that has the discount attached to it. Avoid popup/modal cart types Avoid non-alphanumeric characters like % or ! You can create custom rules that will be checked every time a user adds something to the cart. I've had this happen 3 times already and after ensuring everything is still active on both the app and the coupon area, it seems to be an app mishap?

To select a new field for the column, hover over the column name and click the pencil "edit" icon.

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Based on what's in the cart, the discount will be automatically applied, without any link nor coupon code Automatic Discount rules apply on what's in the shopping cart, based on: Important: only 1 rule per order is applied and the rest is ignored. I emailed the support and was referred to make an account and ask my question on some blog feed.

If you set multiple rules, put the most important one at top (usually the biggest discount). Didn't like that at all and because I could never figure out where to post for help, I never have gotten to the bottom of why this happens. Everything from automatic discounts to pre filled carts with discounts already applied. We have tried to use this app to limit a discount coupon to 50% off 2 of the same item.

This documentation is provided for legacy clients still using these features. Having Rules listed in different areas made it difficult to see the relationship between the Rule and the action it was taking.

Rules are no longer used as the major driver for automation.

The Group Quick Selection Icon is positioned on the left in all Collections and allows you to quickly select all items in the Group, all the items on the page, or to deselect all the selected items with one click.

Along the top is the Group Dropdown, where you can create a new Group or select one you have previously created.

The Campaign Builder uses a superior, trackable method for automation, and is recommended instead.

Triggers and Goals have replaced Rules and, because they live on the Campaign Map itself, they have eliminated the need to keep detailed notes about how a contact entered the campaign.

- Step 1: Add [email protected] a staff member - Step 2: You can restrict permissions to Themes, Apps and Discounts sections This app is fabulous and my clients love the discount being automatically applied. It would be ideal if the user was encouraged to spend more when using multiple discounts.

If possible, add us as a staff member if you want us to help you fix your problem. Conqrats you have a discount of Spend more to receive a 10% count etc for each level Update - The app developer managed to get it to work, it took a few days but it was sorted in the end. Any pop ups should be able to be set to appear on the product and or cart and it would be great for it to offer a strikethrough of the RRP and apply the discount price Update - Paid to unlock the discount in cart message which 2 days later I still can't get to work and the automatic discounts link dosn't actually show the 'sale' price until you get to the checkout (by which time most users have abandoned) Very good app for automatically applying discounts either individually or multiples (tiered discounts) the only downside and why i gave it 4 instead of 5 stars is...

They even changed the app according to our recommendation.

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