Ad aware not updating

for some reason when i open ad aware it says my updating is 18 days old? Ad-Aware SE is no longer supported via Automatic update. showforum=1 You can still get manual updates for SE from Lavasoft. Once downloaded, unzip to create and copy this into the lavasoft folder under c:\program files, overwriting the existing And, they do have their very own support forum, which is typically very responsive to questions and issues. Thanks Tetonbob, its been a while since i last spoke to you. no more auto updating, uh oh, thats not to good is it? Hi grassi - No, not going downhill, SE has just been phased out. It's supposed to have been rebuilt from the ground up, to better deal with modern threats.

When i try updating it, it says no updates available. What could be wrong here, i have no firewall or scanner running?

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Scammers are messaging the owners of the ad pretending to be interested in the product and then stealing money through Paypal.

Scammers send messages to our users through the messaging system, chat or via SMS showing interest in the product.

Scammers do not have Cypriot numbers so they are acquiring verification codes from users.

Scammers pick out a random ad on and send the owner of this ad an email, claiming to be interested in the item being sold and then proceed to ask for the verification code, which is sent to users via SMS from They also pick out random ads and then proceed to send a message to the owner of the ad by the form of text messages, for example: 2.

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