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With his brothers he claimed that he worked for a charitable organization and has nothing to do with terror; but the Pakistani secu rity authorities accuse him of having been trained to construct explosive vests. Especially the employees of Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere (CDU) (Christian Democratic Union) warned urgently against an embassy visit.

The purported explosives expert must not have a chance to ignite a bomb, the Pakistanis were to arrest him in front of the embassy.

PAK/PAKISTAN/SOUTH ASIA Table of Contents for Pakistan ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1) Berlin Ministries at Odds on German Terror Suspect Held in Pakistan Unattributed report: "Scorpions and Snakes -- Foreign Ministry, Interior Ministry Quarrel Over How To Deal With German Islamist in Pakistan" 2) Xinhua 'Interview': Militancy And Terrorism Affecting Children's Upbringing: NGO Xinhua "Interview": "Militancy And Terrorism Affecting Children's Upbringing: NGO" 3) Taleban deny commander in talks with Afghan president 4) Iran Marks Week Of Drug Campaign By Setting Fire To Tons Of Illicit Drugs 5) UN Hails Iran's Leading Role In Drug Campaign 6) Daily Says Pakistan, Afghanistan Cooperation To Bring Peace, Stability in Region Editorial: A Fresh Opening 7) Obamas Strategy Conciliatory in Tone, Realistic in Substa nce Article by Hussain Mohi-ud-Din: Reviewing American Security Strategy 8) British Foreign Secretary, Afghan Foreign Minister Meet General Kayani Un-attributed report: "UK, Afghan officials meet COAS" 9) Daily Urges US To Give More Importance To Pakistan Role in Afghan Reconciliation Editorial: Obamas Worry 10) Kabul asked to ensure Afghan soil not used against Pakistan 11) Creative And Manipulative, Petraeus Expects To Win "Creative And Manipulative, Petraeus Expects To Win" -- The Daily Star Headline 12) Afghan forces confirm death of Pakistani militant leader in east clashes 13) Pakistan minister says Taleban's next target would have been India - PTI 14) Pakistan-Bound Ship With Arms Detained Over Mistake Corrected version, correcting subject line 15) Pakistan- Bound Ship Carrying Military Supplies From Bangladesh Detained in India Unattributed report: Pakistan-Bound Ship With Military Supplies Detained in W Bengal 16) India Detains Pakistan Bound Ship Carrying Explosives, Weapons in Kolkata Un-attributed report: "India detains arms-laden ship bound for Pakistan" 17) Indian officials say captain of Pakistan-bound ship questioned 18) One of Pakistanis Arrested in Zimbabwe 'Suspected of Link' to Mumbai Attack Report by Staff Reporter: "Arrests spark terrorism fear" - "Detained Pakistani 'Suspected of Link to Mumbai Attack'" 19) Pakistan TV Program Discusses Pakistan-India Relations; Chidambaram's Visit Words within double slant lines spoken in English 20) JI Chief Says Resolution of Kashmir Issue Vital To Normalize Pakistan-India Ties Report by staff reporter: India deceives Pak under garb of talks 21) Pakistan-based militant group planning attacks on key leaders in Indian Kashmir 22) Pakistan tells India not to question 'sincerity' in Mumbai attacks probe - PTI 23) NSG Statement on PRC-Pakistan Nuclear Deal 'a Good One' Report by "Financial Chronicle" newspaper correspondent K A Badrinath: "NSG Raises Concern on Sino-Pak Nuclear Deal" 24) Zardari, PM Say Regional Cooperation Required to Fight Terrorism Report by Asim Yasin: "Pakistan calls for joint efforts against terror" 25) Daily Hails Absence of US Opposition to Pakistan-China Nuke Deal at NSG Moot Editorial: Pak-China Nuclear Deal 26) SAARC Ministers Pledge to Join Hands to Fight Menace of Terrorism Report by Mobarik A Virk: "Saarc moot denounces terrorism" 27) India wants Pakistan-Chi na nuclear deal to be transparent 28) Pakistan, India Agree to Work Together to Eradicate Terrorism From Region Un-attributed report: "Indo-Pak civilian agencies join forces" 29) Pakistan rules out action against 'hate speeches' - Indian agency 30) Editorial Says Terrorism Stands Tallest in Way of India-Pakistan Ties Editorial: Across the Divide 31) RSA Police Says Pakistani Nationals Arrested in Zimbabwe 'Not' Wanted Terrorist Unattributed report: "SA Dismisses Zim Terrorist Reports" 32) Arrest of Terror Suspect Proves Effectiveness of World Cup Security Report by staff reporters: "'No Worries' as Terror Suspects Held at Border" 33) British Foreign Secretary Meets Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee Report by staff correspondent: "Hague meets NA Standing Committee on Foreign Affairs" 34) Iran-Pakistan Gas Pipeline Project 'Internal Matter' 35) Local Organization Official Says Jinnah Wanted Pakistan To Lead Islamic World Report by staff reporter: Quaid-e-Azam wanted Pakistan to lead Ummah 36) Three More Killed in Different Incidents of Target Killing in Karachi Report by staff reporter: 3 more killed in Karachi 37) US drone strike kills three militants in Pakistan tribal area - website 38) Obama Admin Not Making Efforts To Get Released 5 US Nationals Held in Pakistan PPI report: US not interested in 5 Americans jailed in Pakistan 39) Pakistan-S Arabia Holding Talks To Adjust 0 Million Aid Package in Next Plan Report by Sikander Shaheen: Backdoor talks on between Pak, S Arabia 40) Pakistani President Asks For Regional Cooperation In War On Terrorism 41) Eight mi litants killed in Pakistan tribal area 42) Pakistani Politician Asks Islamabad To Support Iran 43) Four People Killed in Separate Incidents in Khuzdar Un-attributed report: "Four killed in Khuzdar" 44) Security Forces Arrest 45 Militants From IDPs Camp in Jalozai Report by staff correspondent: "45 militants held from Jalozai so far" 45) Tribal Elders in Orakzai Agency Pledge to Help Govt to Curb Militancy Report by staff correspondent: "Orakzai elders pledge to help government" 46) USAID Sponsors 'Pakistani Handmade' International Fashion Show News Desk report: "Pakistani style dazzles international buyers in US-sponsored exhibition" 47) Pakistan's Debt to GDP Ratio Crosses 61 Percent Report by Javed Mirza: "Pakistan's debt-to-GDP ratio to cross 61 percent" 48) Two Soldiers Injured in Firing by Unknown Gunmen in Bara Report by staff correspondent: "Two soldiers hurt in Bara attack" 49) Eight Militants, One Soldier Killed in Clash in Mohmand Agency Un-attributed report: "Soldier among nine killed in Mohmand Agency" 50) Zardari, US Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff Discuss Bilateral Relations Report by staff correspondent: "Mullen discusses Pak-US ties with Zardari" 51) Air Force Chiefs of US, Pakistan Meet in Islamabad Report by staff correspondent: "Pak-US air chiefs meet" 52) Forty Legislators Could Reportedly Face Disqualification Report by Ansar Abbasi: "40 MNAs could face disqualification" 53) Two Militants Killed in US Drone Attack in N Waziristan Report by staff correspondent: "Two militants killed in NWA drone attack" 54) Pakistani Article Blames Govt Education System for Militancy in Pakistan Article by Dr Hussain Ahmad Piracha: "Who Is Fanning Militancy?

Inquiries regarding use may be directed to NTIS, US Dept. 3) Back to Top Taleban deny commander in talks with Afghan president - Afghan Islamic Press Sunday June 27, 2010 GMT Text of report by private Pakistan-based Afghan Islamic Press news agency Kandahar, 27 June: The Taleban have strongly denied reports that Mawlawi Sarajoddin Haqqani and President Hamed Karzai have met.

The Taleban have strongly denied reports that an important and influential Taleban commander, Jalaloddin Haqqani, has met President Hamed Karzai and said the reports were attempts to creating divisions among the Taleban.

Taleban spokesman Zabihollah Mojahed described the reports as wrong and baseless and told Afghan Islamic Press (AIP) over the telephone: "The reports saying the active commander of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Sarajoddin Haqqani, has met Hamed Karzai, are all untrue."He added: "I spoke to Sarajoddin Haqqani on the telephone personally today at 1500 local time.

He asked me to dismiss such claims and now, as spokesman for t he Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, I strongly dismiss these reports."The Taleban spokesman said the Taleban were united and one and said the Taleban were engaged in jihad against the invading forces under one leadership and that such reports were just attempts of creating divisions among the Taleban.

The Children Parliament is a project designed by SPARC to create political awareness and respect for democratic norms among school children, explained Sahiba Irfan.

Comparing the current session which will conclude on Monday with the first session held last year, Sahiba Irfan said, "now we have a constitution and participating children are familiarized with many concepts."Recalling last year's pilot project, she said "now our teams are well equipped with new ideas and concepts."Many prominent politicians were invited last year and "our children have discussed issues with them&quo t;, said Sahiba Irfan, adding that thanks to the efforts of SPARC, Pakistan's legislature has presented a bill against corporal punishment.Pakistani policemen had arrested at a checkpoint on Monday of last week, when he was trying to come down the mountains of Waziristan, and since then, Berlin is quarreling over one central question: was the arrest a successful anti-terrorist action or the consequence of a denunciation, perhaps even to let the ISI do the dirty work for the Germans?The arrest feeds the dispute over how authorities are to deal with terror suspects willing to return, and what signals the case will send?Referring to the use of boys in their early teens as suicide bombers in terrorist incidents by various disbanded extremist organizations in the country, she said the child militancy, terrorism and violence have adversely affected the psychology of children, particularly those in the northwest tribal areas of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan and in southwest Balochistan province.The continuing "Children Parliament" has passed various resolutions on child labor, corporal pun ishment and abuse of children.Mojahed said: "As I have said before and I will repeat one more time, while foreign forces are in Afghanistan, we will not engage in talks with anyone.

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