Accommodating bursts in distributed stream processing systems

A man divorces his wife because she seems the cause of his misery but before the ink is dry on the divorce decree she finds herself in the arms of another – who sees her as his darling bundle of joy.

A steak makes a carnivore happy, a vegetarian unhappy.

Upon the emergence of a burst, BARRE dynamically reserves resources dispersed across the nodes of a distributed stream processing system, based on the requirements of each application as well as the resources available on the nodes.

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Both approaches, the physical and the psychological, share the belief that through self-effort certain objective and/or subjective factors inhibiting happiness can be changed, resulting in greater happiness.

Conventional wisdom supports this view and, to be fair, the kernel of truth it contains probably accounts for the universal attempt to get happiness by changing objective and subjective factors.

Almost everyone at one time or another believes happiness comes from giving and\or receiving love.

As long as the love object gives and\or receives according to the subject’s special needs, everything is fine, but as soon as the object stops cooperating the love dries up, at which point the removal of the object is thought to make us happy. Because the idea that it was coming from the object acted like a switch in the mind which erected a wall between the mind and the Self, effectively cutting off contact with one’s own unlimited reservoir of love.

We ingest chemicals, pills, drink, and drugs to change our state of mind for the better. A granny who knits for fun will not take pleasure in bungee jumping.

Belief in God is never intended to make one miserable. At first glance activities seem to produce happiness. But if happiness were in an activity the activity should produce happiness for anyone performing it. Can happiness be achieved getting and possessing certain objects?

With the emergence of large wired and wireless sensor networks, many real-time applications need to operate on continuous unbounded data streams.

At the same time, many of these systems have inherent timing constraints.

When I take a job, fall in love, read a book, eat a meal, go to the dentist, pray or meditate, I expect the activity and/or its results to make me feel better than I do at the moment.

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