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And the closer you get to it, the harder it is to get perspective, and the harder it is to escape. Men are not hard to please – and they’re not relationship masterminds.

This is a really important concept – it will help you avoid untold amounts of misery and heartbreak down the line. A couple of years ago I got a text from a woman I had met a few days beforehand and exchanged numbers with. If you think he’s a mastermind dropping subtle hints – just remember that he laughed like a hyena when his friend sent him “Funny tee-ball dad gets hit in nuts” on Youtube a few hours ago. Fixating on every little thing he’s doing is going to make him feel weird around you – seriously.

It may be difficult to actually do it but one day when you are down the road you will see that it was a great move on your part.

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A guy doesn’t want to be around a woman who’s trying to “decode” every little thing he’s doing – that’s not fun, that’s not comfortable, and that’s not carefree for him. So if you want him to feel good around you – just let go of trying to figure him out and have fun with him in the moment.

That’s how you make him more and more attracted to you – by making him feel really good around you.

It gives off a weird vibe and kills his attraction to you.

I understand why you analyze signs, but it’s not going to help you get the guy you want.

But if he’s always got time to see you, it means being with you feels good to him… So if he’s “teasing” you, it might just be his (juvenile) way of letting you know he’s interested. So if a woman isn’t getting the obvious signs that a guy likes her, she’s going to make damn sure to find some…

and if that means micro-analyzing everything he does – she’s going to talk to her inner House M. and think up all sorts of signs and symptoms that he’s secretly in love with her. She had been sucked all the way down into the analysis black hole – and it crushed her to a pulp.

If you find yourself with a guy who doesn't honor his word and agreements with you there is only one thing you must do.... 2) You Make Excuses - the need to love and the need to love is wired into your DNA.

Unfortunately this often leads to short-circuiting your brain.

Here are the most glaring, drop-dead giveaway signs a guy likes you: If he’s treating you differently, it means you’re special to him in some way. If he flirts with you, but he flirts with everyone, it’s not a sign that he likes you, because he isn’t treating you any differently than he treats everyone else. Who you are, what you like, and yes, what you have to say. So if he’s laughing a lot when he’s around you, it means he’s feeling good a lot when he’s around you.

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