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This ensures that these types of lights won't cause any discolorations or distortions of the video.The filter will then automatically disengage at night, allowing the infrared light into the lens.

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4K resolutuion has approximately 4× the amount of pixels as a 1080p security camera.

The 4K cameras included here, for example, record at a pixel ratio 3840 x 2160. A 1080p camera, on the other hand, records at a pixel ratio of 1920 x 1080.

Both sets of Nocturnal security cameras contain an 8.51 MP image sensor that is capable of recording 4K resolution video.

This sensor will provide you with exceptionally sharp video that will give you the best chance to capture the distinct details (such as facial features or license plate digits) that you need from a security camera.

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You can see your approved reviews in your "My Lorex Account" section.B&H only collects sales tax on orders shipped to addresses in the States of New York and New Jersey.You may be responsible for state and local sales/use taxes when filing your tax returns. Use this B&H Kit to effectively transmit and record video and audio during your next teleconference meeting or interactive video chat.Nocturnal cameras can record 4K resolution video at 15 FPS (frames-per-second).They are also capable of recording at a real-time 30 FPS rate in 2K resolution.This kit includes Microsoft's Life Cam Studio and Samson's UB1 Go Mic Omnidirectional Microphone, which, when paired, provide a suitable video conferencing solution.

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