20 year old dating 16 wrong

If she wasn't dating him, she would be seeing some horn-dog 17 year old who would be trying for the panties on a regular basis.The dad wonders why he isn't interested in girls his own age...Sure, 5 years down the line a 5-year diff wouldn't matter. But I would likely share the guy's parents concerns of why he isn't seeing girls his own age.

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The reason this is weird, in my opinion, is because the two are in very different life stages.

A 40 year old man and a 35 year old woman are both at about the same place in life, they've been out of their parent's wing for a long time and are both "middle aged." With a 16 year old and a 21 year old, one is still a minor from a legal standpoint.

He was staying at the girl's house, with the parents permission until 2am sime nights (even school nights). The girl told her mom that they had been making out. The mom told her just not to let her father hear of it again. But the dad called me today and was asking my opinion.

On one hand, we know this 21 year old, and he is harmless as far as wooing the ladies.

At the same time, some 21 year olds may just be very immature and ill-developed for their age, and it sounds like that may be the case with this kid.

It honestly sounds like to me they both might be emotionally at the same age, which makes it seem less "weird" to me, but at the same time I do feel the 21 year old should be more mature at his age--but he wouldn't be the first person at that age I've heard about/known who is still for all purposes a child.

A five-year age gap is not necessarily a big deal, depending on the age of the people involved.

At 21/16, there's definitely something weird going on.

That said, it was about the maximum age gap without getting skeevy, IME.

The girls my age who were dating guys older than that were usually headed for trouble.

The 18 year old age limit to me is more of a recourse for angry parents than a real cutoff to protect children.

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