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During the show, which covers the pair's three years of high school, Ron is depicted as an eccentric student who serves as a bumbling sidekick, providing much of the show's comic relief, but also an important foil to Kim's competitive and image-conscious personality.Ron is an only natural child from an observant Jewish family (see religion)."Buffoon"Middleton Mad Dog Fearless Ferret (2.0)Dr. Van Foker Dumple...*Ahem Ahem Ahem*...stein"Unstoppable" Stoppable Monkey Master Zorpox the Conqueror (disguise)Stoppable-san Knave The boy who always loses his pants Monkey Fist, Dr.

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Ron is of medium height and lanky; his round face has a wide mouth, a pointy nose, freckles on his cheeks, brown eyes, and messy blond hair.

Ron states in the Season 2 episode "The Ron Factor" that his zodiac sign is a Virgo.

Ron first appeared in the premiere episode in June 2002 and starred alongside Kim in all eighty-seven episodes of the show.

He appears in most of the video games based on the show, but he is playable in only two: Disney's Kim Possible 3: Team Possible and Disney's Kim Possible: Global Gemini.

While at Wannaweep, Ron was bullied by other campers and forced to share an insect-infested cabin with the camp's overactive chimpanzee mascot "Bobo".

This led him to develop a pathological fear of monkeys and apes that has been frequently mentioned throughout the series, as well as a less-mentioned fear of insects and spiders.

He also tends to overreact to change, even when they are minor.

For most of the franchise, Ron's character consists of three primary teen comedy/drama stereotypes: As a type B, Ron is primarily cheerful and upbeat, is highly resistant to most forms of peer pressure, and is largely unconcerned with appearance and fads, which he considers to be shallow and transitory.

During Season 2, it was revealed that Ron was first introduced to the freelance hero business when reclusive Upperton millionaire Mr. Based on the period in which Kim wore braces, this event took place about 2 years before the events of the series.

Ron's feelings for Kim have been addressed several times during Seasons 1-3, most notably when Kim came under the influence of a mood-altering device that caused her to pursue him romantically, and were finally resolved during the last installment of the Season 3 finale, originally intended to be the final episode of the franchise.

Sensei appeared to encourage Ron to summon his Mystical Monkey Powers, telling him that he is the Monkey Master and that this was his destiny.

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