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While this is a form of deception, it is not overt deception but rather a subtle and powerful form of psychological and emotional manipulation.

These are criminal seductions that take advantage of teenage vulnerabilities.

He would pose as a teenage girl online, trying to get girls to do something embarrassing in front of their webcams.

In a study of cases involving sexual offenses against children that originated with online encounters, only 5% of cases involved violence or the threat of violence, and only 3% involved actual abduction.

There are over 10 million teens on Facebook in the United States, many of whom post basic personal information, with only a handful of traditional kidnapping incidents resulting from that.

THE BASICS These are the kinds of acronyms and abbreviations you probably see all the time.

Heck, if you’ve used G-chat, AIM, or text messages at any point in the past 10 years, none of these should really raise eyebrows.

Again, parents need to know if their teen is a likely target.

Teens most at risk are those who use the Internet to express an interest in sex or portray a sexy image.

The vast majority of predation cases that start online fit into this category. David Finkelhor from the Crimes Against Children Research Center spoke about a typical predation case for the Internet Caucus Advisory Committee: So for example, Jenna—this is a pretty typical case—13-year-old girl from a divorced family, frequented sex-oriented chat rooms, had the screen name, ‘Evil Girl.’ There she met a guy who, after a number of conversations, admitted he was 45. When he was arrested in her company, she was reluctant to cooperate with law enforcement authorities.

Finkelhor’s findings are based on a study of actual cases of predation from a random sample of more than 2,500 law enforcement agencies.

In another story, a 38-year-old man posed as “Christine” in a chat room, eventually luring a girl from her home so he could kidnap her, take her across state lines where she was raped, beaten, and displayed on the Internet.

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